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Cristóbal de Villalpando’s Baroque altarpiece hasn’t left Puebla, Mexico, since 1683. It’s now at the Met, and it’s overpowering.

7/26/2017 2:31:06 PM

The first New York museum show devoted to the design maverick Ettore Sottsass lavishly contextualizes his work, from a red Olivetti typewriter to his role in the Memphis design group.

7/26/2017 6:15:30 PM

An exhibition at the Smithsonian American Art Museum asks whose images have influenced our view of cities? Would someone who lived in these cities picture them differently than an outsider?

7/26/2017 2:37:58 PM

The Broad? Meet the Cheech: A champion of Latino art moves beyond his personal collection to found a new museum.

7/26/2017 10:18:46 AM
Auschwitz-Birkenau Memorial and Museum

A high-profile attempt to educate young people about the Holocaust is also balancing the sensitive issue of charging for the exhibition.

7/26/2017 7:09:35 AM

Mr. de Montebello, the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s former director, will be a director of Acquavella Galleries, effective immediately.

7/26/2017 8:25:19 AM

An exhibition at Sotheby’s in New York betrays a broad generational anxiety about the technological future and the role of humans in it.

7/24/2017 2:25:23 PM

The court battle, the longest-running in Germany over Nazi-looted works, focused on a painting by Paul Klee that had been seized as degenerate art.

7/26/2017 4:36:56 AM

Four years after the donation of 2,070 photos created by Annie Leibovitz to a Nova Scotia museum, a government panel is balking at its $20 million valuation.

7/25/2017 10:03:23 AM

This exhibition is a collaboration with the Equal Justice Initiative.

7/26/2017 8:39:45 AM